Special Investigations


The Iran Cables

Leaked Intelligence Cables Detail a Secret Propaganda War Between Iranian Spies and Exiled Militant Group

The documents reveal Tehran’s deep hatred of the Mojahedin-e Khalq, as well as a sober assessment of its activities around the world.

TikTok Told Moderators to Suppress Posts by “Ugly” People and the Poor to Attract New Users

The China-based social media company also has policies censoring various forms of political speech, leaked documents reveal.

Trump FEC Nominee With Ties to Thomas Hofeller Bragged About Working on Unconstitutional Texas Gerrymander — Then Denied It

During the hearing, Trey Trainor denied his role in a 2003 gerrymandering effort in Texas. Trainor’s own resume says he was “intimately involved.”


Secret Brazil Archive

The Secret History of U.S. Involvement in Brazil’s Scandal-Wracked Operation Car Wash

Leaked chat logs show that Brazilian prosecutors evaded treaties to help the U.S. Justice Department investigate Brazilian corporations.

Special Feature

Snowden Archive: The SidToday Files

SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. The Intercept released four years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003, after editorial review.


Playing With Fire

After 28 Years, the Fire That Sent Claude Garrett to Prison May Get a Second Look

As the flawed arson case awaits possible review by the DA’s office, a veteran fire investigator is still fighting to clear Garrett’s name.

A Canadian Energy Company Bought an Oregon Sheriff’s Unit

Pembina was the sole funding source of a sheriff’s unit that monitored opposition to the proposed Jordan Cove natural gas pipeline and export terminal.

Puerto Rico’s Power Failures Inspired a Rooftop Solar Movement. But Officials Are Undermining It — in Favor of Natural Gas.

The island’s electric grid is too centralized to be resilient. But politicians and investors are obstructing a grassroots movement for community solar.

The U.S. Government Secretly Spied on Chinese American Scientists, Upending Lives and Paving the Way for Decades of Discrimination

The program’s effects reverberate today, at a moment when combating economic espionage and scientific theft from China are among the FBI’s top priorities.